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Kit for 100, 300 and 600 hrs inspection C20/C20B

CraftStoff are able to supply complete kits of consumables for replacement, 100, 300 and 600 hrs inspections for
C20/C20B. We can send you the kit immediatley after order.


Engines C20B/C20F, contact us for price and info



Contact us for price and info


Gearbox CAG 34584/6894171
TSN: 10434 hrs   TSO: 7134 hrs

Gearbox CAG 17230/23035185
TSN: 1393           TSO: New

Gearbox CAG 20685/6877520
TSN: 3597 hrs    TSO: 3029 hrs

Gearbox CAG 32127/6894171
TSN: 8213 hrs    TSO: 5045 hrs    
3500 hrs inspected


Compressor  CAC 21143/6858348
TSN: 1447 hrs    TSO: 881
Carbon Fiber Comp. Case

Compressor CAC 41996/6890550
TSO: 3206         CSO: 3960 Cy

Compressor CAC 15911/23050833
TSN: 1393 hrs     TSO: New
1750 hrs inspection


FCU 2524644-30
TSN: Unk            TSO: 87,7 hrs 

FCU 2524644-32HX
TSN: Unk            TSO: 0,0 hrs

FCU 2524738-37
TSN: Unk            TSO: 2375 hrs

PTG 2524692-11
TSN: Unk            TSO: 1089 hrs
New tested

PTG M250-10817
TSN: 163 hrs       TSO: New

Bleed valve FF 56139/23053190
TSN: 1393 hrs     TSO: New

Bleed valve 23053176
TSN: Unk            TSO:1167 hrs